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      6/7A and 6B Sciences

Homework and Class Information:

  Ashley Hirsch  (Sciences Teacher)


Hello students and parents!

- Here is where you will find your programming for the week from me ( Mrs. Hirsch) for sciences - BOTH 6/7A and 6B work will be here. CLICK ON YOUR CLASSES TAB AT THE TOP in the pink bar( unless on your phone- then yellow button up top), all your work will be found under your class tab.

- IF this webpage looks off, and the files are on top of each other I am sorry, open it on your iPad or computer and it should look okay.  I have tried my best to program for computers and phones but this program only lets me set to certain phones.

-I will update homework every Wednesday through this site. Old work will be taken down and new work added. So please save any work you need.

- Your week's worth of homework will be due for me every Tuesday @4PM.

- You can use your technology to look at the questions and then write them down on a piece of paper, or if you want to print from home, you can do that as well ( but this is not expected).


- You can then take pictures of your work and send them back to me through email once ALL your work is complete to hand in for mark. Please don't email me all assignment in different emails, it will become to hard to keep track of.  Email me once a week when ALL your work is done.

- I will be giving a lot of participation marks this term with a few assignments/questions being marked for accuracy.  


- You will still receive a report card at the end.

-This is a hard time for everyone- lets work together to make it the best we can even when it's a 'not so great situation'.  I am just learning online teaching as I am sure you are learning too. Lets work together. I will try and keep your work as familiar as I can from class.

***Something you will need in order to do math- a protractor set including a ruler.***

If you have ANY questions or concerns or just want to chat. Email me or use the chat button on this page below.


You have brains in your head.        You have feet in your shoes.          You could steer yourself any direction you choose.    

 Dr. Seuss

Mrs. Hirsch

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